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Please explain that?

Any technical terms on this website have tool-tipsTool-tips are handy pop up explanations. Just hover your mouse cursor over a word  or phrase with a dotted underline and a box will pop up explaining the meaning.

Who uses it?

Of the hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites out there today there are some household names:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Is training available?

We can certainly offer training to our clients, as well as advice on Internet resources that will guide you and your employees through the process of managing your website using the WorddPress administration module.

Website content

Once a Theme is decided upon and installed the process of adding the initial content of your website can commence. This will comprise of text, graphics, photographs and, if required, video. Ideally, as you know your business better than anyone, you should write and provide text in a suitable format. If you have suitable photographs, graphics and videos (note that these must be yours or suitably licensed) we can use these. Alternatively we can create graphics as well as arrange photography and video for you. If you require copy-writing this is also a service that we can offer.

Worry about editing?

As a WordPress website has a Content Management System that allows the site owner to make changes themselves there is always the possibility of making an error when editing, deleting a page or page element by mistake etc. Never fear, WordPress has versioning that allows the user to backtrack through numerous previous steps. Failing that we automatically back your site up every night and can restore it to its former state on request.

Choosing a Theme

We will guide you through the process of choosing a theme suitable to your needs. There are literally thousands available.

If you require Theme customisation, use of a theme frameworkTheme frameworks are special themes with extended formatting capabilties. These allow for a relatively flexible approach to building a website and are a halfway house between an off the shelf theme and a full custom, from the ground up unique build., or even the creation of a theme from scratch then we can help. Obviously development costs  apply to these solutions.

Choosing Plugins

Tempting though it is to add many Plugins to your WordPress website it is inadvisable to do so. Careful selection is required otherwise the performance and even security of your site could be compromised. We are happy to advise and assist our clients on matters of Plugin selection.

What’s all the fuss about?

A proven reliable solution that can scale with your business, all without breaking the bank

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress has been around since 2003, it has far from stood still in that time evolving into a powerful website creation and management tool. The integrated Content Management SystemOtherwise known as a CMS, this is the password protected area that regular users of your website don't see. You, or authorised employees, can access this area to make immediate changes 24/7. is incredibly versatile allowing non-technical users, with a little training, to maintain, change and manage your website. There’s no need to pay a web developer for the day to day task of keeping the content fresh and up to date. This encourages a greater feeling of ownership and control as well as engagement with the users of your website. Users and search engines alike love websites that have frequent updates and new content; it proves that your website is thriving and alive rather than a stagnant forgotten backwater of your business.

The early concept of WordPress as a blogging platform is retained. This gives you the option, should it be required, of having a news area where you can keep the users of your website up to date with new developments in your business, the sector that you serve and whatever else you wish to write about. The time-line model means that the most recent posts are most prominent whilst older posts are still easy to locate should the reader wish to drill down further. If you so wish you can permit your readers to add their own comments to your posts, which you in turn can reply to. It makes sense that this process, where a potential stranger can add a message visible to all, is moderated by you or your employees before anything thing they write is displayed. The WordPress system makes this possible with email alerts sent to your inbox for any new comments on your posts. You then have the option to approve these if you think they are suitable.

Themes and Plugins

The basic package is great but what makes it spectacular is the huge range of ThemesThemes are primarily the look and feel of the site, sometimes refereed to as skins. It is quite common for these to incorporate optional additional functionality that will be available through the CMS. and PluginsPlugins are effectively drop in modules that can be used add additional functionality to your website, there are literally tens of thousands of these available covering a myriad of applications that are available. Many of these are free, although, for a modest cost, premium Themes and Plugins tend to be better supported and usually have improved functionality. Most premium Plugins have a free lite version that can be used to assess suitability.

Plugins and Themes can be loaded, with suitable administrator privileges, via the CMS and whilst Plugins are a great way of adding extended functionality and appeal to your website we recommend a guarded approach. Loading your WordPress site with them can have a detrimental effect on performance. We suggest that our clients seek our advice before taking such action.

A suitable Theme for your organisation will be mutually decided upon as part of the initial consultation and planning stage. There will then be the option to customise this Theme before content is added. This can range from some colour changes through to considerable restructuring. In theory it is possible to swap to a different Theme at a later date, however, realistically this will involve varying degrees of work to implement depending on the features used in the outgoing Theme. Therefore it is imperative that the chosen theme is thoroughly assessed for suitability of both design and functionality at the outset.

In consideration for users on mobile devices we strongly recommend that a responsive ThemeA responsive theme automatically adjusts its layout of the web page to suit the size/resolution of the screen being used to view it. Not all Themes are responsive and given that mobile users account for a large proportion of traffic on most sites these days this feature is an important asset in terms of user engagement. Additionally, it should be noted that search engines now prioritise responsive websites. is used for the best possible browsing experience. We have written an article on responsive website design.

WordPress sites created by Red Fox New Media come preloaded with a pack of what we regard as essential Plugins. Primarily these are to enhance security and performance, we configure these and recommend that settings are not changed by the client.

Plugins can be installed as and when required so adding functionality this way at a later stage is a relatively easy matter of deciding which one suits your needs, installing it via the CMS and changing the Plugin settings/configuration as appropriate.

Some clients find the array of options of the WordPress administration available somewhat bewildering and outside of their comfort zone. We fully understand this and can offer full back-end management of your WordPress website should you desire or customise the administration interface to only show the range of options that they wish to work with.


One of the biggest reservations regarding WordPress, or for that matter any other popular web application of this nature, is that the attack surfaceThe attack surface is, to use an analogy, the under belly of the application. Each page and piece of related server side code will likely have a means to intercommunicate. Hackers look for these lines of communication and test for the possibility that they can be used for purposes other than intended. For example; code that inserts user text input into a database can be used to corrupt or interrogate the database structure unless precautions are taken to trap any such efforts before they do any damage. Another is finding the ability to invoke a file upload. There are many types of attack. is large and by inspecting the freely available code is open to abuse once any vulnerabilities have been identified. There are numerous measures that we take, as standard, to guard against such risks to enhance the security of your website and the data that lies behind it.

WordPress CoreWordPress Core is the software and database that runs a WordPress site, the underlying structure. This is what is installed first when creating a new site. WordPress Core is capable of running as a website without anything else, such as added Themes or Plugins. It has two or three basic themes included. However, the possibilities are relatively limited in this configuration. receives regular updates to improve and add functionality as well as address any emerging security flaws. Themes and Plugins also receive updates as and when their developer thinks it is necessary.

Theme Customisation

Depending on your requirements there might not be a ‘perfect fit’ in terms of available Themes. We address this by adding what’s called a child theme, this can be used to make adjustments to the parent Theme without changing its code. The beauty of this approach is that future updates to a Theme from the developer will still retain the adjustments. Had these been made directly to the Theme itself adjustments would be lost after an update.

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