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PDF flipbooks

Many clients have information available as existing documents, either already in PDF format or that can be output as one. This can range from an individual introductory booklet to multiple product specifications, instruction manuals, case studies etc. Traditionally these can be offered as PDF downloads that, with most modern browsers, will open natively in the same session. This works well but can be somewhat unwieldy for the the user to navigate.

A PDF flipbook can take these documents and present them in an appealing and familiar book-like manner as double page spreads. This is particularly suited, on a conventional monitor, to square or portrait format pages. Documents with landscape format pages can be catered for by the use of a single page toggle-able option though this takes away from the book-like aspect. There are a range of other options such as social media sharing, printing, PDF download, thumbnails etc. along with page navigation and zoom controls.

Flipbooks can be used embedded in pages, though this does tend to make them too small to read fine text depending on the amount of screen ‘real estate’ available. There is the option to do this and also add a full screen link, alternatively an image or text link can be used to expand to a child window or new browser tab exclusively for the flipbook.

In this example we took the introductory booklet for Advanced Vehicle Contracts and converted it into a flipbook incorporating links into the document where relevant and matching the colour scheme to suit the house palate.

AVC introductory booklet

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