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How much a video costs to produce is subject to too many variables to be able to offer a tariff. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will prepare a quotation for you.


Shooting video is a multi-part process generally split into the following:

The planning and preparation stage, carried out in consultation with the client

Shooting the footage, recording ambient audio, voice-over etc.

Editing the footage and audio, incorporating music and voice-over. Client approval and delivery

Video licencing

Video shot on your behalf by Red Fox New Media is for on-line use in the promotion of your business. Whilst you may release footage for use by a 3rd party this must be solely for the purpose of the promotion of your business. Resale, or release gratis, of any such footage, in whole or in part, for use unrelated to the promotion of your business in not permitted without prior consent.

Present your product or business in a captivating manner

Motion and audio will keep the users of your website engaged for far longer

Captivating visual content helps to retain the attention of the users of your website for considerably longer than textural content. Whilst good still images help to maintain interest, video can draw the viewer further into your world. The ability to immerse the viewer in ‘a story’ about your product, processes or organisation; imparting a greater understanding of these and forging a real connection between vendor and consumer.

Depending on the application it is best used in support of still images so that the viewer has the option of perusal and inspection at their leisure as well as the story telling and message deliverability of video.

Of course, by its nature, video is significantly more time consuming and labour intensive to produce than still imagery. Costs of video production vary greatly depending on the project, please get in touch to discuss your requirements without obligation.

Please see below for some examples of our work.

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