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Can I provide images

Of course you can provide us with images for your website. However, please note that they need to be subjectively considered to be of suitable quality. If you have existing professional photographs that’s great, though please ensure that these are suitably licensed for use on your website. Just because you commissioned them doesn’t mean that this is the case.

Image licencing

Images produced on your behalf by Red Fox New Media are licensed for use on your website and for means of electronic promotion for your business. Whilst we are happy for you to also use still images in print and for release in press packs please ask us for higher resolution imagery. There maybe an additional fee for this service. Resale of such images, or release of them gratis, for use by a third party for any purpose not related to your business is prohibited without prior consent.

Video licencing

Video shot on your behalf by Red Fox New Media is for on-line use in the promotion of your business. Whilst you may release footage for use by a 3rd party this must be solely for the purpose of the promotion of your business. Resale, or release gratis, of any such footage, in whole or in part, for use unrelated to the promotion of your business in not permitted without prior consent.

Library images and video

We can source generic images and video from libraries on your behalf. This can be a low cost means of adding some great professional images or video to your website. Please note that you will be constrained in what you can do with these images by the licence that we enter into with the source library. Usually this limits use to just your website and possibly electronic promotion of your business.

As the saying goes; a picture speaks a 1,000 words

Present your products and services in the best possible light

Here at Red Fox New Media we have previous experience of operating a central London photographic studio serving publishing houses, design agencies as well as individual businesses. We have recently made considerable additional investment in new equipment and can provide both photographic and video services to our clients for use on their websites and other channels.

Presenting your products, services and organisation as a whole in a visual and appealing manner is a huge help in grasping and retaining the attention of potential clients. It’s also a means of communicating, extending and supplementing the information of the written word on your website. Without captivating images your website is likely ‘dead in the water’.

If you want to explain a service in detail or demonstrate a product in use then video is the ideal medium to do so. Present the people and processes within your organisation, how your products work, your premises or case studies of recent projects. The possibilities are virtually endless.

We can also bring your website alive with motion as demonstrated in our section banners of this website. This can be done with especially commissioned video footage that we’ll shoot for you, or alternatively we can source suitable licensed generic clips for the same purpose from a video library.

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