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Do I really need SSL

Not necessarily. If your site has no forms, administrator or user log on, or has forms that don’t ask for personal data, then you don’t need SSL. The requirement for SSL on a contact form that asks for a name and email address is debatable as that information is already effectively in the public domain. However, as a reassurance to your users that you take security seriously, we recommend SSL for this scenario. Additionally search engine ranking can be improved by the use of SSL.

Do I need to register under the DPA?
Companies that gather and store information about their customers and potential customers are legally obliged, under the Data Protection Act, to register with the Information Commissioners Office. Doing this is not particularly expensive, £35 for small and most medium businesses, and is another reassurance to your website users.
Will SSL work in all browsers?
The SSL certificates we offer will work in 99.9% of current web browsers. Please be aware that older browsers such as IE8 don’t support the latest protocols and are now considered insecure.
Multiple years
Significant discounts apply to multi year SSL certificates, please enquire.
What is SAN?
SAN stands for Subject Alternate Name and permits the securing of sub-domains and even alternate domains under the same certificate. Please note that this incurs additional cost.
What is a site seal?
A site seal is issued by GeoTrust and can be placed on your website as an indication to your users that you use a GeoTrust certificate to secure your website. The dynamic site seal available with the True Business certificates displays your company name, the date and time and is clickable to view additional verification information.

Secure your website

Reassure your website users that you understand their data security concerns

If you solicit form submissions from your website users, need them to access password restricted content and want to give your website a professional appearance then an SSL certificate is essential.

Most users will look for the reassuring padlock icon and ‘https’ proceeding the page address when completing and submitting a form via your website. This is especially the case where they are entering sensitive personal information such as their name and contact details. They need the reassurance that the submitted information will be encrypted as it is sent over the internet and that yours is a bona fide organisation.

Almost as important, if not on an equal footing, the likes of Google give preferential ranking to websites that are secured by an SSL certificate. For the minimal outlay the ‘bump’ in your position in their listings is worth the price alone. But that’s not all; shortly some popular web browsers will more prominently alert users that a website without SSL that they are viewing is insecure. This could potentially become a trust issue with your prospective customers.

N/B. All of our hosting plans now include a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate as standard.

True Business ID

  • SAN support
  • High assurance level
  • Strong SSL encryption
  • Dynamic site seal

True Business ID + EV

  • Green browser bar
  • Highest assurance level
  • SAN support
  • Dynamic site seal

Please note that True Business certificates require specific qualification criteria to be fulfilled. In addition documentation to verify the legitimacy of your business will need to be provided for the certificate to be issued. This is especially the case for the True Business ID + EV product.

All products are provided by GeoTrust, a leader in online security services, the world’s second largest digital certificate provider with more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries.

Please note that the prices above include set-up, acquisition and installation of your certificate on your website hosted on one of our web servers as well as a dedicated IP address.

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