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Static... Dynamic... what's that?
Static websites contain pages that can only be changed by us making code alterations. Dynamic websites are run from a database that can be updated, usually by yourself via a Content Management System (CMS), to change page content, add new pages etc.
Why is WordPress hosting more expensive?
We maintain the core WordPress code for you, updating when new versions are released. This ensures that the latest security patches are applied and you benefit from the most recent functionality.

We also update your site theme and framework as applicable along with our recommended core plugins.

Additionally we maintain the Geo restriction database to protect your admin and also provide an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address.

Will you host my existing website?
We generally only host websites we have developed for our clients. However, if your site is only static HTML or is a commercial application with a good reputation then we may consider hosting on a case by case basis.
Do I need an SSL certificate?
If your site has a login, procures sensitive information from your users via forms or transmits sensitive data over the internet you should use an SSL certificate. Please see this page for further information.

Please note that our hosting packages shown to the right now include a LetsEncypt SSL certificate as standard. This is sufficient for the majority of cases.

How is hosting billed?
Hosting is billed in advance for the whole year. Renewals are billed in the month preceding the renewal date.

Remember, websites developed by Red Fox New Media come with the first year of hosting included!

Transfer limit?
The transfer limit is the amount of data that your website can serve up to your users. Some hosts limit the amount you can utilise each month. Once you’ve used your quota your website is made inaccessible, additional fees are applied or it’s connection speed is throttled. Here at Red Fox New Media we don’t have any such hard limits (there is an acceptable use policy for excessively high traffic but we’ve never had to invoke it).

How much is hosting my website going to cost?

The question is can you afford not to host with us

Websites have differing requirements as far as hosting is concerned, there are many variables involved; The coding language in which the underlying structure of the site is written, any of a variety of database technologies used by the site, installed components that provide additional functionality, the number of visitors the site is serving in a given period, frequency of backups of both site code and database etc. Our hosting environment is optimised to accommodate the broad range of technologies that we work with, providing a stable and resilient platform to serve your website to your users as fast as possible.

Dynamic Hosting

  • MySQL or MS SQL database
  • Daily backups
  • 5GB of space
  • SSL certificate included
  • No transfer limit
  • equals £25 per month

Static Hosting

  • Works out at £7.92/month
  • Perfect for small sites
  • 1GB of space
  • SSL certificate included
  • No transfer limit
  • Great value
Please do not compare the price of our hosting with shared hosting plans where you are provided with the bare server space and are then left to arrange everything else yourself.

Our service goes way beyond that, our servers are dedicated to us and us alone, These are physical machines in a rack at the data centre, not virtual servers where resources are shared between other unknown users on the same physical server. We retain absolute control. We handle all the technical aspects of running your website for you.

We’re eminently flexible, the above tariffs are just examples, if you have any specific requirements please contact us to discuss the details and we will explain our proposed solution and prepare a quotation for you.

Hosting tariff was last modified: April 13th, 2022 by Charlie Wilder

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