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POP3 and IMAP, what are they?

POP3 is the old standard, emails are received and stored on your computer. IMAP, the new kid on the block, stores your emails on the mail server. This has the advantage of making all your email, received and sent, available on multiple devices. Not so good if you’re not always connected to the Internet though. You can use either with RFNM email, whichever suits you best.

Can anyone open an email account?

Sorry, our email service is an added value option that we only offer to our website and hosting clients.

Is our spam and AV protection 100% effective?

Although our spam and virus filters are pretty good at minimising your risk and exposure, they are your first line of defence and, as such, cannot guarantee to identify and eliminate all such threats. The spam filter learns as it goes and with an ever changing opponent a small percentage do inevitably get through. These are usually business orientated rather than related to sex or other salubrious subjects, thankfully these are relatively easily detected by the nature of their content.

It is strongly recommended that you run a suitable Anti-Virus program on your computers and act sensibly when opening and reacting to emails. i.e. never follow links in emails, or open attachments, from recipients you do not recognise or allow images to be displayed automatically.

Virus detection notification

If you are sent an email with an attachment identified as containing a virus you will be sent an message with the senders email address and informing you that their message had a virus attached. If someone you know innocently sends you a file with a virus it gives you the opportunity report this fact to them.

False positive, what's that?

A false positive, in the context of spam and virus detection, describes the misidentification of a ‘clean’ email as being spam or containing a virus.

Can I use my email account for marketing purposes?

By all means email your existing customers, however, unsolicited and bulk email can do serious harm to the reputation of our email servers and effect all users so is prohibited. We recommend MailChimp for this sort of activity, a starter account, with a reasonable usage limit, is free and incorporates tools to handle your mailing lists, organise templates and measure the success of your campaigns.

Communication is key

Versatile email account options to meet your needs

Unlike most providers we don’t tie you to a fixed quota for each IMAP mailbox under your account. We realise that the various users within your organisation have differing email needs. You can spread your aggregate quota between your mailboxes to suit heavy and light users alike, this makes the most of your disk space allocation. For example with the 5 mailbox option below you can have one mailbox with 2GB of storage space, 2 with 1GB each and a further 2 with 500MB each, you decide. If your needs change we can adjust the quota distribution, remove old mailboxes and replace them with new ones.

Your email mailboxes will be on the same domain as your website, giving a professional and cohesive approach to your communication with your prospects and clients. For example; your website is and your email in-boxes are,, and Each mailbox has it’s own login.

There are many useful ways to use aliases and distribution lists

Aliases allow you to add additional virtual email addresses under your domain that forward any received messages to a nominated email address. Distribution lists are similar to aliases but forward received messages to a number of recipients that you can nominate. This way you can set up a point of contact for a particular team within your organisation or a means to contact all employees by sending just one email.

Spam and virus detection

Email is filtered for spam and viruses. Low to medium level spam is placed into a spam folder to which each mailbox has access to allow for retrieval of a false-positive. The settings we employ ensure that this is a rare occurrence. The spam folder is automatically purged of messages older than 30 days once a week. Vigorous spam, or emails with attachments that are identified as containing viruses, are deleted from the mail server automatically. In the case of viruses the recipient is informed, via email, and provided with the senders email address in case a legitimate sender, who is recognised, has inadvertently sent an attachment containing a virus.

email was last modified: March 24th, 2018 by Charlie Wilder

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