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What's a TLD?
Top Level Domain, the ‘extension’ at the end of a domain name, such as or .com.
More than one year
You can reserve domain names for up to 10 years, depending on the TLD. This will benefit from a significant discount on the cost per year and alleviates any renewal issues over that period.
Multiple versions
Multiple versions of the same domain such as, and No problem. Subject to availability we can arrange these and point them at the same site without detriment to your search engine ranking.
Transfer in
If you have a domain registered elsewhere that you wish to transfer to us please get in touch.
Transfer out
If you want to transfer your domain name away from us we won’t hold you to ransom.
Can you manage my domain?
We only acquire and manage domains for clients that we develop and host for. If we host your website and the domain is registered elsewhere we can provide details for you to manage your own DNS settings. Alternatively transfer your domain to us and we will manage it for you.

Choosing a domain name for your website

We can arrange and set this up for you

If you haven’t already registered one your website will need a domain name. The domain name should usually reflect the name of your business. Just let us know which domain your require and we will do the rest.


  • A .com domain name is the internationally recognised de-facto standard TLD and what most internet users expect.
  • If your chosen name is available snap it up now, especially the case if you intend to trade internationally.
  • 1 to 10 year registration available.


  • Ideally, as it seems to suggest, .org domains are for organisations. Examples include not-for-profit, fund raising, community orientated, educational, trade associations and NGOs.
  • Not really suited to commercial enterprises.
  • 1 to 10 year registration available.

Other TLDs are available such as; .net, .info,,, etc. Please email or use the contact us form stating the TLD that you are interested in and we’ll reply with a quotation.

Please note that domain pricing includes DNS management, pointing to your website hosted with ourselves and also at your email server if required.

Some TLDs have eligibility constraints. For example; registration of a domain requires the registrant to be acting for a UK Limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 and the domain name must reflect the registered business name.

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