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Managed hosting
Our hosting is fully managed, in other words we deal with all the technical aspects for you.
Hosting costs
Please see the hosting tariff page to find out more about the costs of our popular hosting packages
Will you host my existing website?
We generally only host websites we have developed for our clients. However, if your site is only static HTML or is a commercial application with a good reputation then we may consider hosting on a case by case basis.
Can I access my site files
We generally don’t offer our clients FTP access to the server. If there is a need, within the functionality of your website, to download or upload files we will provide a secure mechanism for you to be able to do this.

Hosting with Red Fox New Media

a solid and reliable foundation to deliver your website to your users

Unlike some web development agencies we run dedicated servers to host your website, this means we retain absolute control of the resources on each server ensuring that an unknown rouge website on a shared serverShared servers host websites for numerous organisations and individuals, none of whom are aware of the other or the sites running on them isn’t going to have an impact on the performance of your website.

Once we have built your website (this is carried out on one of our in-house development servers) and you have approved the design and content, it will be transferred to one of our dedicated production serversWhere your website will be accessible to your users.

Our production servers are located in a UK data centre. This has a highly resilient 100% Cisco powered network with built in redundancy. It is connected, via high speed fibre to Internet core connection pointsInternet core connection: a connection to the internet backbone in both London and Manchester – This means that any failure between our servers and these locations, even a total failure of the London or Manchester core connection, won’t make you website inaccessible.

The data centre is protected by the latest security and fire suppression systems. There is 24/7 CCTV and access is restricted to authorised data centre staff and occasional contractors carrying out equipment warranty repairs. In the case of the latter they will always be cleared and accompanied by authorised data centre staff.

The data centre is cooled by modern energy efficient dual cooling circuits each with sufficient capacity to operate independently to ensure that servers run at optimal temperature, even in the event that one cooling circuit fails.

Power is maintained and filtered with multiple redundant Uninterruptable Power SuppliesUPS devices maintain a smooth supply of clean power, removing spikes and surges that could potentially damage server components, they also provide short term back-up power; this is further backed up by generator systems that can power the data centre indefinitely until mains power is restored.

In a nutshell all of the above ensures that your website will be consistently available and delivered to your users as fast as their own connectivity will allow.

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